SNOVITRA 20 SOFT (Vardenafil 20 mg)

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The medication provides an opportunity in men to treat the condition of sensual inability. The delayed climax with the use of medicine helps provide strong and hard penile strength to complete sensual coupling. The medicine works in for treating moderate to severe health conditions despite the prevailing health conditions.


Snovitra soft has a lasting effect of more than 4 hours.
The medicine helps dilate the blood vessels to help man lead an erection.
A person when on medication gets a chance to rise up sensual desire with satisfactory results.
The medicine attains confidence and provides strong, firm and long-lasting erection.
The speedy action of medicine only occurs with sensual penetration.
Take the dosage only once in a day, it is a chewable medicine and can be taken without water.
Snovitra soft should not be repeated within the 24-hour duration as it can cause adverse health effects.
Do not take a double dosage for the missed one. Try to take a regular schedule dosage on time.
The medicine works with sensual stimulation, it needs to be taken an hour before sensual activity.
Do not consume alcohol, tobacco or grapefruit with the medicine.
Do not take the medication if you are allergic to Vardenafil or any other component of the medicine.
Avoid the use of medicine without doctor’s consultation if you have a cardiovascular disorder, bleeding disorder, hypertension, or kidney issue.
It is a prescription medicine only for men. Avoid any recreational use of medicine from women and children.
Try not to consume the medicine with alcohol or any other beverages. Avoid the use of nitrates with medicine.
The medicine does not help prevent or safeguard one from sensually transmitting disease.
Side Effects
Stuffy nose
Upset Stomach


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