Modafresh 100 (Modafinil 100 mg)

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How Does It Work?

Why do people feel a strong desire to take a nap if they haven’t sleep well at night? The body seeks a way to restore strength and persuades its master to leave all business and take a nap. In addition, such hormone as dopamine also triggers this desire. Thus, if the sleepy person relaxes and plunges into a nap, the amount of dopamine in neurons increases and brings feeling of satisfaction from own actions. Also, this hormone does not allow a person to normally concentrate and makes him or her absent-minded. Modafresh works as an inhibitor of dopamine reuptake and does not allow the hormone to enter the neurons and returns it back to the intercellular space. This allows a person to be always alert and well-concentrated. However, many aspects of this drug action are still unclear.

Tips for Taking Modafresh 100 mg

Taking of smart drug
Modafresh can be taken only by people over 18 years, which have no contraindications. If the drug is needed not for the treatment of diseases, but for stimulating mental activity, then a preliminary consultation with the doctor is not needed. The exception is those cases when a person is not sure about the state of his health.

Do not use Modafresh if the following conditions are observed:

allergy to the drug;
severe heart diseases;
renal or hepatic insufficiency;
mental disorders;
pregnancy and lactation;
high blood pressure.
If you do not have anything of above, then you can safely take one tablet of Modafresh a day. You can do this regardless of meals, but greasy food can slow the start of medicine. After taking Modafresh, it is recommended to drink enough water throughout the day (there can be no thirst, but you still need to drink). The medicine can reduce appetite, so in order to avoid weakness, do not forget to eat.

Side Effects of These Pills

Modafresh rarely causes side effects and do not pose a health hazard if a person adheres to safety precautions. Quite often there can be dizziness, so in the first days of medication you should not drive a car or operate dangerous mechanisms. Also, sometimes you can notice such unpleasant consequences of pill intake:

depression, mood swings.
If you experience side effects, then stop the drug intake – all unwanted symptoms should disappear soon. If this did not happen in a few days, then you need to see a doctor.

All Interactions

Modafresh is convenient because it can be combined with the most common and popular drugs, but still, there are some exceptions. These include:

St. John's wort;
some antifungal agents;
propranolol (Inderal);
some antidepressants;
inhibitors for the treatment of AIDS and HIV.
If you are constantly taking any medicine, then inform your doctor about your intention to buy Modafresh


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