Cenforce 200 Tab (Sildenafil 200 mg)

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Sildenafil 200 mg (CenForce 200) is the pledge of male health! Cenforce 200 mg – products of the Indian manufacturer Centurion, intended for experiencing problems with erection of men. Generic helps to restore lost erectile function in a short period. Due to the active substance – sildenafil citrate, the agent stimulates, accelerates the production of nitrogen in the arteries of the sexual organ.

After the release of hormones, the expected reaction is an erection. It is important to take into account that the achievement of the claimed effect by the manufacturer is impossible without the presence of natural stimulation. Regular application makes it possible for a strong sex to struggle with protracted psychological problems, as confidence is restored, self-esteem rises.

Cenforce 200 mg instructions:
Take the medication one hour before the closeness. The manufacturer strongly recommends not to exceed the established daily dosage – 100 mg. The duration of the active substance is up to 5 hours. The maximum result the user receives when taking the drug with a small amount of purified or boiled water on an empty stomach. Fatty meals, alcohol reduce the absorbability of the tablet by 30%, pushing the beginning of the action of the substance for 20-25 minutes.

Adverse Reactions:
nasal congestion;
redness of the skin.
It is forbidden to use a stimulant in the presence of hepatic, cardiac ailments, arterial hypertension, ulcers, leukemia. After a stroke, you can use the stimulant after 6 months.


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